Friday, May 18, 2018

Incels going insane

Last month, Alex Minassian used a van  run over a bunch of pedestrians in Toronto.

His excuse? He was angry because he can't get laid.

Beauchamp, Zack. “Incel, the misogynist ideology that inspired the deadly Toronto attack, explained.” Vox. April 25, 2018.

Alek Minassian, the man who killed 10 people by driving a van down a busy street in Toronto on Monday, is a terrorist.
We know this because he told us so. On Tuesday afternoon, Facebook confirmed the authenticity of a post in his name, in which he pledged allegiance to something called the “Incel Rebellion.” This is not an organized militant group but rather an ideal developed by the so-called “incel” movement — an online community of men united by their inability to convince women to have sex with them. (“Incel” stands for “involuntarily celibate.”)
Some self-identified incels, as they call themselves, have developed an elaborate sociopolitical explanation for their sexual failures, one that centers on the idea that women are shallow, vicious, and only attracted to hyper-muscular men. They see this as a profound injustice against men like them, who suffer an inherent genetic disadvantage through no fault of their own. A small radical fringe believes that violence, especially against women, is an appropriate response — that an “Incel Rebellion” or “Beta [Male] Uprising” will eventually overturn the sexual status quo.

That wasn't the first time someone used the "I'm angry because I can't get laid" as an excuse to kill innocent people.

Back in 2009, George Sodini shot & killed a few women at a gym in Pittsburgh! All because he was angry that women were rejecting him!

Toby Harnden, “George Sodini's blog tells of years of rejection by women before gym shooting,” Telegraph, August 5, 2009,

Candiott, Susan. “Police: Gym shooter 'had a lot of hatred' for women, society.” CNN. August 5, 2009.

In the note found at the scene in Sodini's gym bag, he complains he had never spent a weekend with a woman, never vacationed with a woman and never lived with a woman, and that he had had limited sexual experiences, Moffatt said.
He makes similar complaints in his online blog, which also documents his growing rage at women for rejecting him and at the world he felt had abandoned him.

True story, the same year, I was talking to a former classmate who was an incel that expressed sympathy with George Sodini.   I was so shocked to hear it that words couldn't even come out, and even if I did, it was no use reasoning with someone that insane!

That incel ex-classmate always sound so desperate about not getting laid. He doesn't seem to realize his desperate attitude and his inability to control his insecurities is creating his own problems! Like, stop being so damn insecure, stop being so desperate, and just focus on your career, focus on your health, focus on becoming a mature confident adult instead of worrying about getting laid!

Like really, you can live without getting laid or even a date. But you can't survive without food or water.  Priorities, priorities. 


Many incels resort to using porn, going to strip clubs and hostess clubs.

As mentioned in previous blog posts, I've done some of things when I was younger, but I now view them all as a waste of time & money!

"Time, not just money, down the drain"

"Money down the drain"

As I also mentioned in those blog posts, I told that ex-classmate that he would just get more satisfaction if he would just go to a nightclub and dance with women for free.

And you don't even have to look like Channing Tatum, Tyrese Gibson, Mario Lopez or Dwayne Johnson to get women freak dancing with you at a nightclub.

You don't even have to have the fancy dance moves of Chris Brown or Bobby Brown. You don't even have to have their ex-teen pop idol turned bad boy persona either!

You just have to get on the dance floor and enjoy yourself. 

On some nights, men will outnumber women at the club. Other nights, more couples will show up and not that many singles. In those cases, you just can't take it personal if you don't get a woman freak dancing with you! Just enjoy the music!

But on nights where there's more single women around, your luck will increase.  You don't have to look like the stereotypical jock! You won't even have to put any effort to pursue women, all you have to do is get on the dance floor, and women will come to you!  

 I've seen short men, nerdy men, disabled men, fat men, skinny men, all kinds of men having women freak dance with them. 

I've been able to freak dance with women of various shapes, sizes, colors, and ethnicities.  I've done it all.  

I mention this not to claim I'm some superstud! ! Any man who've been clubbing for over a decade would've already had experiences of freak dancing with women of  various shapes, sizes, colors, and ethnicities. 

You don't need to go clubbing every weekend, you don't want to overdo it!  5 times a year is enough for me!

So if you've been clubbing for about a decade, and you go 5 times a year, and 3 out of 5 times (my average), you have at least one woman dancing with you, that means have already freak danced with at least 30 women! 

And the beauty of it is, as I mentioned earlier, you don't have to look like a jock to do all of that!  You don't have to work hard to pursue! All you have to do is just get on the dance floor and enjoy the music!   


 Notice that I'm not even talking getting dates or even having sex with them! I'm just talking about dancing with them at the club!

Just dancing with them will let you know you do have some sex appeal.

The incels could just come to the nightclub with good spirits, they would be getting freak dances for real!

And with freak dances, you don't have to worry about unplanned pregnancies or STDs. A freak dance just brings you joy without commitment and without the perils of sexual intercourse. 

And those freak dances will give a memory bank of experiences that you can rely on to give you nostalgic feelings. 


And No, you don't need alcohol (aka "liquid courage" aka False Courage) to develop the confidence to get on the dance floor and get women dancing with you! Just bring a zest for fun music & fun times! 


For me, I'm a single guy who isn't interested in long-term commitments!

For me, I prefer to live alone!

I definitely don't spend much time worrying about getting a date. 

I wouldn't have much experience to be  giving dating or marriage advice.

 I actually embrace being a loner!

Yes, I do have friends.  I just don't need to be around them 24-7! 

 The friend I go clubbing with the most is   shorter than me, and trust me, women freak dance with him too.

But I sure know that even a non-jock like me have some sex appeal, and that I can get women dancing with me ;)

Everyone I grew up is aware of me growing up with social awkwardness. So much for getting dates or getting laid in my adolescence

But so what! 

I grow up and mature! I evolve! 

I'm not desperate! 

I have more important things to worry about! 

I prefer to put more energy in working on my career plans!

I prefer to put more energy in improving my financial situation

I prefer to put more energy in staying healthy (note to self: eat less, bike more)

I prefer to put more energy in learning more about the world.

I prefer to put more energy in working towards greater psychological and spiritual health!

I prefer to put more energy in becoming a more mature confident adult.


I take life and the world seriously.

But not every moment has to be serious

And when there's free time, I go to the clubs and be the life of the party :) 

It's not hard. Just control your insecurities and get on the floor when your favorite songs are on! 


On a more serious note, you're not entitled to the love, a kiss, a hand hold, a  sexual experience or even a freak dance from any woman! 

If you feel entitled to any of that, GROW UP!

You have to earn things in life, even if others have easier time earning it than you!

You have to earn things in life, even if others have "unfair" advantages over you!

You have to make people want to be with you, you can't force it on them!

Here's some important readings on the angry incels issue. If you consider yourself an "angry incel", read them please

Moira Donegan, “Actually We Don't Owe You Sex, and We Never Will,” Cosmopolitan, May 4, 2018,

Nagoski, Emily. “I’m sorry you’re lonely but it’s not my job to help you: the science of incels.” Medium. May 5, 2018.

Lynch, Conor. “Angry young white men, the “incel rebellion” and an age of worldwide reaction.” Salon. May 12, 2018.

Jessica Valenti, “When Misogynists Become Terrorists,” New York Times, April 26, 2018,

Friday, May 11, 2018

Learn to celebrate stuff, dammit!

Again, I am seeing this nonsense being expressed on social media 

 I’ve avoided birthdays and holidays for most of my adult life

and this

It’s still important to detach from holidays and birthdays - because they perpetuate consumerism and excess and because the ego can get disappointed from unmet expectations.

Excuse me?  Avoid birthdays because you're an adult? Detach from holidays?

Never resist or detach from celebrating birthdays, events, most holidays (with few exceptions like the truly repulsive so-called Discover's Day), etc!

It's not healthy to be cynical about celebrations all the time!

 We have plenty of time (and reasons) to be angry and cynical about the world!

 At least set aside some time to celebrate events, ceremonies or even just to enjoy the things that bring us joys!

Celebrating stuff will wonders for your mental health!

So when your next birthday happens, CELEBRATE IT!

When the next holiday happens, CELEBRATE IT!

When the next special event happens, CELEBRATE IT!

Children understand it, why can't adults do the same?

Avoiding birthday & fun events is FALSE MATURITY!

Real maturity includes rediscovery of the joys of some of the  things that made you happy as a child! 

Real maturity includes celebrating some of the joys you might've missed out during childhood (especially true for those who grew up in abusive, rigid or other negative family situations)

Real maturity includes celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and other milestones.

Real maturity includes enjoying parties in a positive way!

Real maturity means stop being a sourpuss, and start being the life of the party!

Let's all develop that real maturity!

Saturday, May 05, 2018

Identity and Thick Skins (pay attention SJWs)

Another viral outrage about "cultural appropriation"

(an example at )

An Anglo teen girl wore a Chinese dress  to her prom.  Her photo gone viral, and "woke" SJW pansies screamed cultural appropriation!

And as usual, people who actually live in China are OK with the dress, it's the "woke" SJW pansies who live in the US who are complaining!

But now those "woke" SJW pansies have a sad excuse of a comeback

It is "those Chinese in China aren't oppressed because they grew up as the majority, but us Chinese descendants in the US (or other white-dominated lands) get picked on as little kids, and now it hurts that people who look like someone who picked on me are wearing our cultural costumes"


I am of mixed-ancestries (Mexican, Puerto Rican, Portuguese, German, etc), but look mostly "Latino".

I grew up in Hawaii, where there are ZERO "Latino-majority neighborhoods"

There's NOT A SINGLE "Latino majority school" here

(note#1 : most people in Hawaii with Spanish last names tend to be Filipinos.

note #2  Some Portuguese did come here in the late 1800s and many mixed with Native Hawaiians. Many of them get mistaken as "Mexican" when they visit the continental US. )

Those of Latin-American ancestry are probably about 1-3% of the students of the schools I attended!  Very tiny minority, very outnumbered by Asians and Pacific Islanders!  

Me growing up with identity crisis? Best believe it!

Me growing up with  peers whose knowledge of my ancestral cultures being distorted by  TV shows and movies? Best believe it! 

But so what?

I also grow up reading Lowrider Magazine,  listening to Cypress Hill and Suicidal Tendencies, watching movies based in East LA, read about Latino communities in Miami, El Paso, New York and more! 

I grew up visiting LA and Mexico!

I also had an older brother who visited Mexico more often than I did, and he also had a sense of humor about himself! 

All of which inspired me to become thicker-skinned in my ancestral identities

Seeing "Brown Pride" in Lowrider Magazine, coming from people from communities in which people who look like me are the majority helped give me a thicker skin about my identity! 

So I could easily have a sense of humor about that Spanglish speaking bumble-bee character from the Simpsons!  The same show in which the French were called "cheese eating surrender monkeys".  When will the French do a documentary about that? 

It's time for SJWs to start being inspired by the thicker skins of people from their ancestral lands.

I encourage Chinese-Americans to be inspired by the thicker skins of Chinese living in China who loved the Anglo girl wearing a Chinese dress.

I encourage Japanese-Americans to be inspired by the thicker skins of Japanese living in Japan who  appreciate the Anglos wearing kimonos and trying to be ninjas.

I encourage Indian-Americans to be inspired by Indians living in India whose response to Apu is to just laugh off that fictional character that was never meant to portray Indian reality!

And yes, I encourage Mexican-Americans attending university in upstate New York to have a sense of humor about Anglos wearing sombreros for Cinco de Mayo or Halloween!


So yes, be mad at that bully who told you to "go back to (insert foreign country here)", but if that's the reason you mad at another Anglo person  wearing your cultural clothing,  GROW UP and get some serious psychiatric help! 

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Dan Akaka (1924-2018)

Earlier this month (on April 6), longtime Hawaii politician Daniel Akaka passed away. He was 93 years old.

official photo
Daniel Akaka

He was part of the pair of  old Dan's (the other one being Daniel Inouye, who passed away in 2012) who represented Hawaii in the U.S. Senate.

Whereas Dan Inouye was known as the grumpy guy you dare not cross, Dan Akaka was known as the epitome of the Aloha spirit. He was a soft-spoken person who can forgive even the nastiest of critics. 

Whereas many politicians in Congress use their position to grandstand on national issues, Dan Akaka worked quietly behind the scenes and focused on issues related to Hawaii.

One of the major issues associated with Dan Akaka was the so-called Akaka Bill,  a proposed law that set up a tribal government for Native Hawaiians, similar to what has been set up for various Native American tribes in the US. 

That proposed law remained that, a proposed law. 

There wasn't unified support in Hawaii for it. Some Native Hawaiians who wanted total independence felt that Dan Akaka was a "sellout" for compromising Native Hawaiian rights under the federal government. Meanwhile, conservative-leaning activist Ken Conklin felt that the Akaka Bill would bring an apartheid system to Hawaii where Native Hawaiians would get special treatment over the  non-native majority.

Well, both the Hawaiian independence activists and Ken Conklin were correct.

Native Hawaiians don't need a semi-independent tribal government that is submissive to the United States.  What Hawaii really needs is total independence.

Hawaii was under Native Hawaiian management until 1893, but even then, the non-natives were allowed to earn full citizenship rights.  The Hawaiian monarchy hired those of European ancestry (and other non-native ancestries too) to various official positions in the government.  The Hawaiian monarchy did NOT have a racial caste system.  So there's no reason to have a racial/tribal government in Hawaii in the modern era either.

As far as I'm concerned, Hawaii needs to regain its independence under the mold of Nelson Mandela's South Africa.  Yes, recognize that the Hawaiians deserve to be independent again, but also recognize that the non-native majority should also have equal rights under the independent government. 


Dan Akaka was under target by Time Magazine in 2006 when he was labeled as one of the least effective senators. But there was a conflict-of-interest for Time Magazine, which was under AOL Time-Warner. The CEO of the company was Steve Case. His cousin, Ed Case was running against Dan Akaka for his Senate seat that year.   Akaka won. So much for "least effective".


However, Ed Case was correct that the Jones Act was harming Hawaii. The Jones Act is a shipping law that banned non-US ships from going from one US port to another.  In other words, no non-US ship can go from Hawaii to California.  For an island state that desperately needs access to international trade, this law has constricted that access. For an island state that has already have a cost of living due to the very limited land available, the Jones Act make it even worse by forcing Hawaii residents  to rely on US ships which are very expensive to build and run.

It is the Jones Act (and the federal government's reluctance to abolish it) that makes me think that Hawaii would be better off independent. The Jones Act was passed with the continental US in mind. It doesn't take into account the hardships that US occupied islands (ie Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, Saipan, American Samoa, Virgin Islands and more) face when their access to international trade is resticted by that stupid law.

Sadly, the 2 old Dans supported the Jones Act. Shipping companies Matson and Sealand pay  local politician's campaigns to preserve their monopoly. And being that shipping is considered a "boring" issue by the general public, the 2 old Dan's got away with supporting that law.

However, the general public is eventually becoming more aware of the Jones Act.  The fact that Donald Trump was pressured to temporarily suspend the Jones Act for Puerto Rico after last year's hurricane made the public aware of how that law prevents access from necessary supplies in times of emergency. 

People of Hawaii need to hold our politicians accountable for this.  We need to tell them that it is no longer acceptable for them to be more accountable to the shipping company than to the general public. 

If it takes independence for us to be free from the Jones Act, then so be it!


As mentioned earlier, Dan Akaka was known as the nice guy and Inouye as the grumpy guy that you dare not cross.

It's great that Akaka was a nice guy. There has been no sexual harassment scandals, no other abuse scandals associated with Dan Akaka.

Dan Inouye, however, was a sexual predator protected by the statute of limitations, slut shaming, and the "no make waves" culture that kept his victims from coming forward until they can no longer take being silent anymore. Sadly, the "can't take being silent anymore" came after the statute of limitations expired.

I mentioned the issue at

Also sad to say, Dan Akaka didn't confront or criticize his fellow Dan about the issue.

It would've meant a lot if Dan Akaka was to go on record to say that Dan Inouye's actions and evasiveness was not acceptable.

It would've meant a lot if Dan Akaka was to show his Aloha spirit and meet with Inouye's victims to comfort them.

Dan Akaka's reluctance to confront Dan Inouye was a problem. Maybe it was not in his nature to "talk stink". Maybe he didn't want to believe the worst about his friend. 

But Dan Akaka missed a chance to be even more legendary by going public, and at least kindly express that Dan Inouye needs to be honest about what happened and that Inouye should apologize.

Monday, April 09, 2018

Bruno Mars and cultural appropriation

I recently put out a video speech defending Bruno Mars from charges of "cultural appropriation"

Here's what I put in the video descriptions

Recently on The Grapevine (a YouTube channel devoted to panel discussions), there was a discussion on Bruno Mars (singer of Puerto Rican, Jewish and Filipino ancestries) and his performance of "black music". One of the speakers was a Seren Sensei who says she hated Bruno Mars, claimed that he was unfairly profiting from "black music", and that white people preferred "black music" from "non-black people of color". Seren Sensei criticized Bruno Mars was guilty of cultural appropriation, even though she (who is African-American) chose a Japanese nickname but can't even pronounce the word "karaoke" correctly.

In this video, I mentioned that hip-hop was started by a Jamaican immigrant DJ Kool Herc, had Puerto Rican involvement in the very early stages of development, had MAJOR contributions Kraftwerk (White Germans; innovators of electronic music), and had tons of Latino influences that are overlooked in discussions of hip-hop & cultural appropriation. I responded to Seren Sensei's claim that it was unfair that Bruno Mars got a Grammy for Album of the Year, and that Prince didn't get one, for which she claimed that the Grammy Awards was racist against "black people" NEVERMIND that Prince didn't win BECAUSE Lionel Richie won the same year his album was up for nomination. And I drop even more knowledge in this video speech.

And get this: Bruno Mars received official support from REAL African-American music legends like Jimmy Jam, Charlie Wilson, Ted Riley, Stevie Wonder and more

Bruno Mars and Cultural Appropriation

video speech by Pablo Wegesend

And the following needs to be shared with ANYONE who screams about "cultural appropriation", "culture theft" and a whole bunch of useless SJW buzzwords

These guys are Kraftwerk, innovators of electronic music. They started in the 1970s. EVERYBODY who enjoys music with electronic beats (including hip-hop) NEEDS TO PAY HOMAGE TO THEM!


As for Seren Sensei, the "woke" SJW pansy who hated on Bruno Mars, here's some memes on her.

Seren Sensei says it's unfair that Bruno Mars is "profiting off black music", yet she gave herself a Japanese nickname, profiting off of Japanese culture.

Calls Bruno Mars a culture thief, yet she gives herself a Japanese nickname,but can't even pronounce Japanese word "karaoke" correctly.

Seren Sensei claims anti-black racism kept Prince from winning a Grammy for Album of the Year. She didn't know Prince lost because Lionel Richie won. LEARN YOUR HISTORY DAMMIT!

phony progressive called out for promoting a culture of silence

I traditionally use facebook more than twitter, but I do find that twitter has its uses.

With Twitter, you can send a message to someone not on your follower/following list by just publicly putting twitter handle on your posts!

I don't do this lightly!

However, some people need to be publicly shamed!

For example, longtime readers of my blog will remember that I had a beef with a few UHM professors in the LIS department for telling me to remain silent about my negative experience with an internship at the Hawaii State Library.

(I already mentioned the issue at
AS well as the following videos

Their names are Noriko Asato, Andrew Wertheimer and Rich Gazan.

I found the twitter accounts for Asato and Wertheimer.

So I used their twitter handles to compare their telling me to remain silent is so alike the way others have told the victims of progressive sex offenders Dan Inouye and Harvey Weinstein to remain silent.

Scumbag bosses like Donald Trump demand that their underlings sign non-disclosure agreements demanding eternal silence.

Noriko Asato is a scumbag internship coordinator who wanted me to sign a statement withdrawing complaints about the internship at Hawaii State Library.

Ass-kissers at corrupt organizations tell others that "fighting for justice" in their cases will burn bridges in their careers.

Andrew Wertheimer actually said to me "you have burned a lot of bridges by fighting for justice"

He actually said that to me!

This is a guy who claims to be a "progressive", supporting all the right progressive causes, supporting all the "progressive" political candidates.

But this phony "progressive" tells me to remain silent about my negative experiences.

That is an act of war!

Wertheimer committed that act of war in 2016!

The following year, the #metoo hashtag gained widespread support as many victims of sexual abuse finally told their stories of being told to remain silent about their experiences.

Because they remained silent, nobody warned  unsuspecting people they would be the next victim of  politically and economically powerful sexual predators.

Because they remained silent, those politically and economically powerful sexual predators were not held accountable.

So much pain and misery could have been prevented if nobody told victims that they are  "burning bridges" and "hurting your career" if they report their experiences!

But that is EXACTLY what Andrew Wertheimer tells me!

Granted, my case wasn't a sexual abuse or harassment case!

But still, Big Injustice ALMOST NEVER start with Big Injustice.

Bullies almost always start by testing the waters by committing smaller injustice! They want to start by seeing what they could get away!

If they can get away with the small stuff, they'll try to see if they can get away with the medium stuff. Then they do the big stuff.

As someone who studied Jewish history, Andrew Wertheimer should damn well know that Hitler didn't start the Holocaust when he took power in 1933. Hitler started with segregation laws to stigmatize the Jewish population. When Hitler got away with that with minimal resistance, then he started the Holocaust.

And Andrew Wertheimer should damn be lucky that activists were willing to "burn bridges" and risk their careers to support Jewish immigration to the US, otherwise, his family would've been stuck in Europe and his family would've been victimized by the Holocaust, ensuring that Andrew Wertheimer would never had the chance to be born.

So based on all that knowledge, I put this tweet on twitter the other day 

Wonder why took so long for victims of Dan Inouye & Harvey Weinstein to come forward. Because many so-called "progressives" like @Drew_Wertheimer & @asaton2  tell younger workers that "fighting for justice" burn bridges in their careers! I was asked to sign this 3yrs ago! HellNo!
Wonder why took so long for victims of Dan Inouye & Harvey Weinstein to come forward. Because many so-called "progressives" like & tell younger workers that "fighting for justice" burn bridges in their careers! I was asked to sign this 3yrs ago! HellNo!

Yep, I publicly called out Andrew Wertheimer (@Drew_Wertheimer) and Noriko Asato (@asaton2) as so-called "progressives" and linked their behavior to what allowed Dan Inouye and Harvey Weinstein to get away with their heinous actions for so long! 

I put Noriko Asato on notice that her request for me to remain silent about the Hawaii State Library has become public information!

I put Noriko Asato Andrew Wertheimer on notice that their words to me can cause real serious harm to victims of injustice


So what did Andrew Wertheimer do when his twitter handle was mentioned in my tweet?

He blocked me!

In other words, I got him!

He got my message LOUD and CLEAR!

But notice that he didn't apologize!

Apologizing is an honorable thing to do!

As we now know, Andrew Wertheimer and Noriko Asato are publicly exposed as dishonorable people! 

Andrew Wertheimer and Noriko Asato are publicly exposed as the type of people who enabled truly corrupt people to continue their actions with impunity! 

They are NOT real progressives! They are enablers  and scum!

This is Noriko Asato. This lowlife scumbag tells people to remain silent about negative experiences! This lowlife scumbag tells people to just be accepting of every bad thing that happens to them. Don't be surprised if this lowlife scumbag treats victims of discrimination, rape and other forms of abuse the same way. Nevermind that this lowlife scumbag has easily hurt feelings that just can't accept having cliches questioned in an assertive manner! Her easily hurt feelings feels afraid of assertive disagreement

Hi, I'm Andrew Wertheimer. I was once the faculty advisor to a student chapter of Amnesty International. But I now tell student that I consider "fighting for justice" a way to "burn bridges"

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Bad news and paranoia

The media's main priority is ratings and clicks. Get people watching! Get them watching so that they can attract more advertising revenue! 

People are attracted to conflicts and disasters. Everybody wants to know the latest scoops. Because real investigations are time consuming, the news media makes up for it by discussing conspiracy theories, just to keep people watching!

Gun violence has decreased over the last 2 decades.   That's right, decreased! 

Hard to believe it when the news media just keeps showing images from the latest shooting! 

To the media, telling people shootings have decreased doesn't bring ratings or advertising revenue! Telling people the latest scoops about the latest shooting bring ratings and advertising revenue!

And because of this, there are many on social media who act as if there are no regulations on buying guns, even though they are plenty in existence.  

The media also brings the latest news in racial conflict!  Whether it's the latest outrageous statement by a politician, or an overly aggressive police officer killing someone, that brings ratings!

And if there isn't enough of that, make up a controversy! Broadcast a clip of a "woke" SJW lunatic complaining about Bruno Mars "stealing black culture" nevermind that other people in the same room (overwhelmingly African-American) defended Bruno Mars. 

Or in the case of right-wing media, keep broadcasting the last crime committed by an illegal immigrant, NEVERMIND that illegal immigration has already decreased YEARS BEFORE Trump got elected!  Mexican immigration was already decreasing a decade ago!  

Also, immigrants commit violent crimes at lower rates than non-immigrants.

But why mention that? You can get more ratings (and advertising revenue) by repeating details of the latest crime committed by an immigrant! Scaring people brings in the viewers and the money. 

 Back in 2015, I responded to an article on Salon by Priscilla Ward, an African-American who was homeschooled, and now having hard time fitting into European-American environments.  The problems she described wasn't racial slurs or threats  It was just  ( having different pop culture interests, different slang phrases, and different dietary habits.

I mentioned that I too have faced culture shock, especially with me being "different" from my peers. But I also mentioned that culture shock is just a part of life that you can handle like a mature confident adult.

I wrote on it at

Fast forward to 2017, and Ms Ward admits that the media has made her too paranoid on race relations

When I run out of normal get to know you small talk, it’s easy to bring up racial injustice. It’s like a broken alarm clock in me that can’t be turned off, unless I’m on vacation someplace and don’t have access to the constant news cycle or social media. Instead, the alarm goes off every day, creating a ritual of how I’m supposed to see the world, my place and whom I’m meant to do life with. I wake up, scroll through Twitter, check the front page of news websites and watch viral clips. Every time I pick up my phone, I’m notified of a divisive statement by Trump, natural disaster, sexual assault or the black community’s encounter with the police. It has rebranded so much of my thinking, twisted and perverted it over the last couple of years. 

Ms Ward mentions that all the online news outlet, plus social media having nonstop coverage of the latest outrage

The turning point of my thinking belongs to the night Darren Wilson, the officer who murdered Michael Brown, was acquitted. More and more instances of police brutality began to go viral after this, creating what seemed like a thoughtful argument for why media should begin shifting their attention more heavily to issues facing the black community. As a media professional, to me it was clear that it all boiled down to ratings, metrics and Google trends.
Post Ferguson websites such as, Huffington Post Black Voices and weren’t the only ones I turned to for their take on issues concerning the black millennial experience. Now I could go almost anywhere and find the latest news on race. It was now at the forefront — a dangerous display of black trauma, looping videos of black death could be found everywhere and protest felt routine
From that point on, the ugly, the sinister, the impacts of racism have held my attention in a binge-worthy way. Black trauma and pain reverberates in and through me. Trayvon Martin. Michael Brown. Eric Gardner. Sandra Bland. Kalief Browder. DeAndre Harris.

All of these news, according to Priscilla Ward, have made her paranoid about "white people".

But wait a minute....... her parents (obviously African-American) thinks she's getting too paranoid about racism

After a while, these conversations get old and redundant. I know they do, when I listen to myself. “Don’t you have something more uplifting to talk about?” My parents ask constantly. Whenever they asked this, I wonder why they aren’t joining in the conversation. Weren't they children of the 1960s, impacted by race rioting following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.? Didn’t they live through Rodney King, Prince Jones, and a seemingly endless list of people taken by a system the devalues black life? They tell me prayer is the only solution, but let’s be honest, distancing myself from white people has felt like a work of self preservation more often than not. The media has influenced my opinion, alerting me that I should keep a safe distance from white men in khakis toting torches, white men in uniform and emo looking white boys that favor Dylann Roof.
I can’t imagine myself not bringing up race. I wish my memory could serve me well. My mother was raised in Queens, NY and my father in Columbus, GA. But the era and cultural climate in which they were raised doesn’t seem to define their approach to life now and how they choose to see people. My parents didn’t raise me to make a case for war against whiteness.
After recycling the same dialogue and feeling less and less hopeful, and now that Trump exhaustion has set in, their question to me is finally starting to click, although I still constantly find myself giving in to conversations that only end up pointing the finger at white people. But my background is much more nuanced than this -- it was never just black and white. But lately I’ve sheepishly brought in so many ideas from mainstream media without personal exploration or consideration.
My parents have always done the work of making sure I had a diversity of friends and opportunities that didn’t fit into the framework of stereotypical black life. I’m black, Christian and I have friends that reflect Martin Luther King’s Dream.

 If all you hear about "the other" is what the news media tells you, you are afraid of "the other".

Those who just consume right-wing media are brainwashed to think Latinos and Muslims are scary people out to destroy "our" white utopia.

Meanwhile, those consumed with SJW media outlets are brainwashed to think that "whites" out to either kill you or annoy you with "tiny aggressions" (there's a reason I don't use the word "microaggressions"

Meanwhile, Barack Obama grew up with a mostly Eruopean-American family. He knew what it's like to feel a sincere love from European-Americans from childhood. Even if he later said that some of their comments"made him cringe", he understood it was coming from ignorance and not malice!  Obama did grow up in Hawaii, where though he felt stereotyped and misunderstood by his mostly non-black peers, he wasn't exposed to the level of hatred that was common in Alabama or Mississippi.

It was also a similar experience for Trevor Noah, who grew up in South Africa with a Xhosa mother and a European-descendant father. Even as he grew up in the last decade of apartheid, he knew what it was like to feel a sincere love from a "white" family.

This issue was discussed when author Ta-Nehisi Coates came to Noah's "Daily Show".

Mr Coates mentioned that for many African-Americans who live a segregated experience, they never had the opportunity to receive sincere love from European-Americans growing up, and much of their experience with "white people" is more negative.

Being that Obama was kinda/sorta "sheltered", he wasn't scared to engage with European-Americans when he campaigned in the rural Midwest, because to him, they literally reminded him of people in his family.  According to Coates, that's not something many African-Americans can relate to! 

Being able to relate to others might not come easily to some people.

However, being critical about how the news media exaggerates conflicts and bad news is a skill that you can develop.

Understand that the media corporations are looking out for themselves more than they are looking out for you.

While I will NEVER suggest that you totally isolate yourself from the news media or social media, I will definitely suggest coming out of your home, and walk around.  Go to malls, go to parks, go to restaurants, ride the bus, ride the bike. When you do that, you can interact with people without trying too hard to be an extrovert. You'll start to realize that the people you consider "The Other" are not so scary! You'll notice a lot of good around you.

It won't erase all your problems but developing some optimism would do wonders for your mental health.